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Nora Gill (my great grandmother) found!

Nora GILL was born about 1862 in Mayo, Ireland.

Nora's Family lived in Chicago Area 1870s?

Nora Gill married Hunter Kennard in Cook County, Illinois (Chicago) in 1882.

Nora & Hunter Kennard lived in Peoria, Illinois 1880s & 1890s

My grandfather and father were both born there (Peoria)

Nora resided 1926 in Detroit, MI.


(Islandmore, Mayo County, IRE)

Descendants of Daniel Gill ( Mayo County, Ireland)

Thanks to Larry Gill, Vera Tracy, Bernie McCafferty and all contributors to the bernieworld.net website for getting me started

Some descendants of note are:

John MacBride (married to Maud Gonne)

Sean MacBride International Politician

Joseph L. Gill - Chicago Democrat mentioned in many books about Chicago politics, also has a park named for him, and some history here - Gill Park